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Money and Astrology

Since time immemorial, money has played a very important role in every body’s life.  No matter, how educated, learned, skilled, beautiful, wise and healthy one is; he can’t be considered successful without Money.

Money is just like water in our life which is essential for survival.  There are people on this Earth, who have been able to attain the heights of riches, despite being born in an average or poor family; while on the contrary, there also have been some people, who despite being born in rich and affluence families couldn’t make anything significant in their lives.

Astrology can play a vital role in examining the chart of an individual to find:

  1. If he is destined to be rich and famous?
  2. When he will have the opportunity to gain the desired riches in his life?
  3. What are the possible obstacles one may face during his course of earning Money?
  4. What possible measures can be taken to avoid the unfriendly circumstances being faced in earning Money?

Only thing required in this are:

Accurate birth data viz. date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.


The person, who have the ability to decode the birth chart.


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