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Well.. well… well….

This time I am attempting to analyze the chart of a caged Lion, the Dabangg of Bollywood.  Yes, you guessed it right; He is none other than Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan aka the Great Salman Khan.

It took around one week to correct and analyze his birth chart.  And needless to say that He has got one of the most typical birth chart to analyze and give astrology readings.

The most intriguing fact about his birth chart is his simplicity.  I don’t know how many of you will agree; but his birth chart is clearly saying that he is really a very simple man, down to earth person and as everyone is aware, very kind hearted too.  The reason behind this is clearly evident.

He has got one of the five most desirable yoga|combination in his chart – called as Ruchak Yoga. This Raj Yoga occurs when Mars – the army chief in planetary cabinet is strongly placed in Kendra/Angle house of a chart.  And, in birth chart of Salman Khan, the Mars is very strongly placed in the strongest house i.e. tenth house of his birth chart.  This single combination is enough to ensure his victory against all controversies.  The only drawback this combination has got is the short-tempered nature and somewhat undesirable community.

The Sun, king of the planetary cabinet and ruler of fifth house in his birth chart is placed in Ninth house also called as Bhagya|Fortune – and this ensures that whatever circumstances may be – he will always be victorious and will always have the support of the masses with him.

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Now, the negative traits of his personality, which have caused a lot of pain in his life.  The lord of the fourth house Moon which signifies domestic life of a person is placed in eleventh house along with the most dreaded planet i.e. the Saturn.  This combination destroyed the life of a person, hereinafter the Salman Khan, on the following grounds:

  1. It makes a person hyper-sensitive and very moody.
  2. It destroys the personal domestic life.
  3. It causes Sadistic approach during the day time, while in the night the impact is diluted.
  4. It causes sleeping disorder and the person has no other way but to take something like alcohol or some medicine to reduce the stress and to get to sleep.
  5. And, it causes the person to cross the extremes in every aspect of his life.  Or in simple words very stubborn to cross the extremes of emotions may it be love or hate.
Can it be cured – yes, this can be cured to a significant level if he takes good astrology readings.

The mahadasa of Saturn started in his life from 3rd September 2002; and from the very start of this period, he is in one or other controversies and problems.  On 28th September 2002, Salman Khan was arrested for rash and negligent driving; and thereafter many other controversies and accusations he is being facing on frequent intervals.  All this is because of this Saturn+Moon combination.

Currently, he is under antardasa of the Venus in mahadasa of Saturn.  Venus is a Maraka planet in his birth chart.  Mars, which is conjunct with  Venus has reduced the negative impact to some extent, but even then things are likely to remain troublesome for Salman Khan with respect to the significations of Venus i.e. marriage, status, wealth and health.  This antardasa of Venus will remain operational till August 2012 and following phases of time may create problems given against each.

  • 3 February 2011 to 5 January 2012 – Period is extremely problematic for health issues. Chances of his being hospitalized are very grave.  At current time, there are no such problems but the planets will give their impact in due course of time as indicated.
  • 3 February 2011 to 6 July 2011 – Period is extremely beneficial for professional and financial matters. Any movie released during this period and any other professional activity during this period will yield good results.  But this period is very likely to give him a very strong emotional setback related to his personal life.

I wish and pray, May the Almighty Lord blesses him with wisdom and health; and he may get all success in his life.

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