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Ratan Tata – Chairman of Tata Group is now undergoing a lot of controversies and problems thereof.  And, it is really a delight and honor for me to give astrology readings on his birth chart.

Ratan Tata was born when Sagittarius Ascendant was rising on 27th December 1937.  If we look at the chart, there are many positive and negative combinations. The lagna lord Jupiter is debilitated in second house of his birth chart; while the lagna |ascendant is occupied by Ninth lord the Sun along with Venus and Mercury.  Both the Venus and Mercury are combust in his chart.  Mercury rules over seventh house (wife) and Venus is natural significator of wife in male’s chart. And, this is ample reason behind his personal life being so lonely.

The tenth house of Ratan Tata birth chart is aspected by three planets, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn; which is why, he is always busy in endeavoring one or another projects.

Currently, he is undergoing Mahadasa of Venus and the very last phase of Saturn’s andardasa which is operational till 21st  December 2010.  Venus rules over sixth (controversies, disputes, debts) and eleventh (gains and friends) houses; while the Saturn is the lord of second (wealth, status and family) and third (initiatives, courage) houses.  Surprisingly, it was only during this antardasa that Ratan Tata could gather the courage to speak the truth about the Indian Administration and System; and even risking his high and clean social status.

Will he be able to overcome the current controversy and come out clean?  Well, this is a million dollar question in respect of a billionaire. Till 21st December 2010, he may remain concerned and doubtful over the social and administrative reactions; but after that he will surely be able to come out as winner.  During Venus/Mercury –  from 21st December to 20th October 2013 – he will be able to achieve the heights of his professional dreams.  Though, this period may keep him worried about his health and extremely personal matters.

Ratan Tata has said to file a writ petition in Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to seek appropriate legal directions for stopping the contents of the taped conversations of Nira Radia; and I am sure that he is going to have a pleasant surprise, especially after 21st December 2010.


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