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Combination of planets in Vedic Astrology

Astrology readings of Sun’s conjunction with planets

Sun + Moon: The conjunction of the Sun and Moon in the horoscope of a person makes him vulnerable to get enchanted very easily.  He/she may not be polite.  The person may have good knowledge and understanding of metals and chemicals. This conjunction also makes a person reasonably wealthy and he/she may have good financial gains in trading of natural products.

Sun + Mars: The conjunction of the Sun and Mars in the horoscope makes a person extremely courageous, strong and high-spirited,  If the conjunction is in negative and/or weak house – the native may be violent and short-tempered.

Sun + Mercury: This is the most common conjunction observed in many horoscopes.  The person may be polite, famous, intelligence, strong and beautiful.  He/she may have favors from the Government and Politics; and can be a good assistant.

Sun + Jupiter: This is a very auspicious combination, especially when Jupiter is not combust.  The native will be highly religious and wise.  He may be have high positions in the Government and may be wealthy. Such persons are best suited for teaching.

Sun + Venus: The conjunction of Sun + Venus in the horoscope blesses the native with good knowledge of arts and culture; and he/she may be more successful in media, movies, acting, dancing, singing etc.  He may enjoy good reputation and wealth in society.  Though, combust Venus may cause health problems in eyes or liver of the person.

Sun + Saturn: This conjunction has mixed results.  The person may be skilled in chemical and metal science.  He may be religious and God-fearing person.  But, the domestic and married life may suffer a lot.

The results of conjunctions mentioned above are general in nature and their implications may differ on the basis of the house, sign and nature of the planets in a respective horoscope. For personal and complete astrology readings of your horoscope, you may visit Birth Chart Astrology.


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