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combination of planets in vedic astrology – Moon

Astrology readings of Moon’s conjunction with planets:

Moon + Sun: The conjunction of the Sun and Moon in the horoscope of a person makes him vulnerable to get enchanted very easily.  He/she may not be polite.  The person may have good knowledge and understanding of metals and chemicals. This conjunction also makes a person reasonably wealthy and he/she may have good financial gains in trading of natural products.

Moon + Mars: The conjunction of Mars with Moon in horoscope makes a person highly courageous and victorious in battle.  He/she may have health issues related to blood and may have injuries.  He/she will be very diplomatic in nature and may have good knowledge about chemicals and metals.  This conjunction may give good success in business/professions related with leather, iron, copper and chemicals.

Moon + Mercury: Mercury’s conjunction with Moon is very auspicious, required both are acting favorably in the horoscope.  It makes a person very smart, wealthy, jovial in nature and good looking.  He/she may be religious and virtuous. This combination makes one vulnerable to be enchanted easily; and if the conjunction is in malefic house/signs – the person can suffer from severe psychological and mental problems.

Moon + Jupiter: This conjunction in the horoscope blesses the native with high profiled relations and social recognition.  The person is wealthy and highly religious. He gets respect from his relatives and takes good care of those dependent upon him.  If this conjunction is in positive house/sign in the horoscope and favorable planetary period is under operation – the native visits sacred places and enjoys long lasting health, wealth and fame.

Moon + Venus: The conjunction of Moon and Venus in horoscope blesses the native with all kind of luxuries including residence, vehicle and ornaments. He/she may have deep interest and knowledge in poetry, dancing, singing and other related arts.  He/she may become famous and popular in the society.  This conjunction also makes the person very proficient in trading.

Moon + Saturn: The Saturn’s conjunction with Moon in horoscope is usually not auspicious and favorable for the native.  The Moon signify mind – and involvement of Saturn with Moon gives a sadistic approach towards life.  The native gets inclined towards old and ill-nature people; the wealth gets destroyed and most of the times, the native has to face failures in his life.  Generally, people having Moon + Saturn conjunction in their horoscope, starts their professional life by working in sub-standard environment.


The results of conjunctions mentioned above are general in nature and their implications may differ on the basis of the house, sign and nature of the planets in a respective horoscope. For personal and complete astrology readings of your horoscope, you may visit Birth Chart Astrology.


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