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Will Chiranjeevi join Congress? – Vedic Astrology Overview

Will Chiranjeevi join Congress? – Vedic Astrology Overview


Chiranjeevi, the mega star of Telugu Cinema was born on 22 August 1955 when Libra zodiac was rising in the ascendant.  Vedic astrology synopsis of Chiranjeevi horoscope denotes that the Jupiter and Saturn are placed in their respective exaltation sign in horoscope of Chiranjeevi.  Yogakaraka Saturn is occupying the ascendant in exaltation and the Jupiter is placed in tenth house.  The ascendant lord Venus is combust and tenanted in eleventh house along with Mercury, Mars and the Sun.  The tenth lord Moon has gone to twelfth house while Rahu is occupying the third house.




The auspicious placement of Saturn in ascendant and the conjunction of ascendant lord Venus with three planets have made Chiranjeevi a multi-talented person.  However, as per vedic astrology readings the combustion of Venus causes some weakness and, it is therefore, that Chiranjeevi has also suffered frequent injuries while shooting for his movies.   The placement of exalted Jupiter in third house is giving mixed results.  While it adds to the positive significations of third house namely courage and initiatives; its placement in tenth house is causing problems in significations of tenth house.  As a result, he could not spend his childhood with his parents and is not likely to get clean support for his decisions.

Chiranjeevi may choose not to merge his party with Congress – Vedic Astrology Overview

Currently, Chiranjeevi is undergoing Mahadasa of Saturn and antardasa of the Jupiter.  As such Saturn is having its aspect over Jupiter, Chiranjeevi will be able to understand and adopt the correct path for his political career.  And, there are very high chances that he won’t be interested in merging his party (Praja Rajyam Party) with Congress at all.  Although, majority of his party’s main leaders are in favor of merger and may strongly oppose the decision of Chiranjeevi of not being merging with Congress.  But Chiranjeevi will be able to handle the situation proficiently.  Overall, the chances of Chiranjeevi merging his party with Congress are almost nil as per vedic astrology perspective of his horoscope.


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    • a says:

      he is merged…where is wrong?

      • Yes, chiranjeevi merged his party with Congress. In view of his horoscope indicating that he will remain honest with his supporters and will maintain independent stand in politics; I thought he will not join congress. But it seems that the pressure of his own party leaders has taken the toll and made him do this.

  2. Ajish says:

    Great post! Thank You Sir!

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