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When will Egypt crisis end? Vedic astrology overview

Even after stepping down of Egyptian Ruling party, the public outrage is continuing in Egypt.  The protestors are appearing adamant on their demand of sacking the president Mr. Hosni Mubarak in complete terms.

When will Egypt crisis end?  Vedic astrology overview.

The horoscope of modern Egypt is based upon 18 June 1953,  2330 hours at Cairo. Aquarius rising in the ascendant and the ascendant lord Saturn is placed in eighth house.  The ascendant is under aspect  of sixth lord Moon while the Jupiter is tenanting the fourth house.  In the light of vedic astrology predictions, this placement of Jupiter is not desirable for peaceful domestic environment inside the country.  The ill placed Saturn is also under aspect of malefic Jupiter from the fourth house.




The Egypt turmoil started with the death of Khaled Said in June 2010.  And, the main-period of ill-placed Saturn started on 30 January 2010 in Egypt horoscope.  And, the vedic astrology relevancy is quite apparent. The commencement of ill-placed Saturn’s main period is denoting the death of an Empire.  The retrogradation of transit Saturn on 26 January 2011 is acted as a trigger for the masses to express and retaliate aggressively. And, this has been pointed out clearly over here on 10 January 2011.

As such, the transit Saturn will remain retrograde till 13 June 2011 – no early and easy solution to current crisis in Egypt can be expected on the basis of vedic astrology.  The president Mr. Hosni Mubarak will have to surrender to the demands of public protests in Egypt.  The vedic astrology transit position of planets during the next week is denoting more troubled situations; and the protests in Egypt may become highly violent and disastrous.

Between 11 to 12 February 2011 – there will be strong efforts of the world countries to give some reasonable solution and help in ending the Egypt turmoil.  While the vedic astrology overview of planetary transit for 13 and 14 February 2011 is indicating failures of all such efforts.  The protesters may show extreme aggression and violence.  From 16 February onwards, there can be some signs of reasonable understanding with the masses.


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