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Dhoni horoscope for Cricket World Cup 2011

Dhoni horoscope for Cricket World Cup 2011


Mahendra Singh Dhoni – expected performance during Cricket World Cup 2011 in the light of vedic astrology.


19 February 2011- Saturday, Indian Cricket Team will play the first match of Cricket World Cup 2011. Vedic astrology readings indicate that Dhoni will have three planets viz. the Sun, Mars and Mercury in sixth house of his horoscope.   The Moon will be transiting in Leo zodiac sign in twelfth house.  The placement of cruel malefic planets in sixth house is said to be quite favorable, specifically when the antardasa Lord Mercury is also transiting the sixth house.  Except some minor obstructions, the vedic astrology predictions are positive and Dhoni is likely to have quite a favorable, eventful and fortunate day. Read the rest of this entry »


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How Sachin Tendulkar may perform in Cricket World Cup 2011

The cricket world cup 2011 is going to start from 19th February 2011; and every Indian is eyeing on the performance of Indian Cricket Team.  Sachin Tendulkar, the Cricket God, might be playing his last world cup – and most of cricket fans are expecting to nurture their eyes by witnessing the magic of Sachin Tendulkar on the Cricket ground.


Well, let us see what planets are indicating for Sachin Tendulkar as per Vedic Astrology. Read the rest of this entry »

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Will Yuvi do it again – Cricket World Cup Vedic Astrology Prediction



Yuvraj Singh aka Yuvi was born in Chandigarh on 12th December 1981 when zodiac sign Scorpio was rising. The Sun and Mercury are placed in the ascendant itself, making it quite strong and royal.  The lord of the ascendant Mars is placed in eleventh house in conjunction with lord of courage house (i.e. third house lord Saturn).  And, in the light of vedic astrology, this combination of planetary placement is sufficient to make a person strong, daring, courageous and victorious in his endeavors. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dhoni may lose his captaincy – astrology readings

dhoni-horoscope-astrology-readings-1Dhoni May loose his Captaincy

Mahendra Singh Dhoni aka Mahi, the successful captain of Indian Cricket Team, was born on 7th July 1981 in Ranchi (in Jharkhand now), India.  Dhoni has been one of the coolest captains of Indian Cricket Team and under his captaincy the India won ICC world cup (twenty-20) 2007, CB series of 2007-08, besides beating Australia by 2-0 in Border-Gavaskar Trophy in 2008.

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Importance of Planetary Period|Dasa – Birth Chart Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings of Amitabh Bachchan Horoscope

In proper astrology readings, the operating Dasa or Main/Sub Periods in Birth Chart Astrology is of as much importance as the Birth Chart itself.  This is so because the results of all good or bad combination in the birth chart can appear only in the main/sub periods of relevant planet(s).

As per birth chart astrology readings, the planets give the results attributed to them either in their own main/sub periods or in the main/sub period of planet(s) with whom they are related with.  And, many times it does happens that despite having excellent planetary position and/combination for specific aspect like wealth, fame and prosperity etc. the native may not have any such results.  This is simply because the Operating planetary period may not be having any direct or indirect relation with the planet(s) creating auspicious yoga or combination in the birth chart.

In order to have absolute clarity on this issue of astrology readings, let me site one beautiful example to help you understand it in a better way.

Astrology readings example Birth Chart -1 :  This is the chart of famous Indian Celebrity Mr Amitabh Bachchan.

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Caged lion | Dabangg | Salman Khan |Bollywood Star | Astrology readings | Birth Chart Astrology

Well.. well… well….

This time I am attempting to analyze the chart of a caged Lion, the Dabangg of Bollywood.  Yes, you guessed it right; He is none other than Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan aka the Great Salman Khan.

It took around one week to correct and analyze his birth chart.  And needless to say that He has got one of the most typical birth chart to analyze and give astrology readings. Read the rest of this entry »

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