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Will Chiranjeevi join Congress? – Vedic Astrology Overview

Will Chiranjeevi join Congress? – Vedic Astrology Overview


Chiranjeevi, the mega star of Telugu Cinema was born on 22 August 1955 when Libra zodiac was rising in the ascendant.  Vedic astrology synopsis of Chiranjeevi horoscope denotes that the Jupiter and Saturn are placed in their respective exaltation sign in horoscope of Chiranjeevi.  Yogakaraka Saturn is occupying the ascendant in exaltation and the Jupiter is placed in tenth house.  The ascendant lord Venus is combust and tenanted in eleventh house along with Mercury, Mars and the Sun.  The tenth lord Moon has gone to twelfth house while Rahu is occupying the third house. Read the rest of this entry »


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2G spectrum scam – Can it lead to Prime Minister’s resignation?

This is the hot topic now, being discussed all over the country.  The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on Tuesday dated 16th November 2010 questioned the Prime Minister Dr. Mahmohan Singh for his alleged inaction on the issue.  The Hon’ble Supreme Court said that it was critical of the Prime Minister to take 16 months to judge and decide on an application and sought an affidavit from the Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh. The affidavit is to be filed by Saturday dated 20th November 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

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