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Khiladi Akshay Kumar should play carefully-Birth Chart Astrology

Akshay Kumar aka Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, the great Khiladi of Indian Cine Industry, was born on 9 September 1967 when Scorpio ascendant was rising in vedic astrology horoscope.  The lord of ascendant, Mars, is strongly placed in ascendant itself.  And, this speaks a lot about Akshay Kumar interest in martial arts. Vedic astrology readings of strong Mars in ascendant are highly auspicious and have contributed a lot to Akshay Kumar success in film industry.


Vedic astrology readings of Akshay Kumar horoscope indicate that Jupiter is exalted in Bhagya Sthana.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Dhoni horoscope for cricket match against England-vedic astrology prediction

Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni started his Victory Chariot in Cricket World Cup 2011 and successfully registered a strong victory against Bangladesh in Mirpur.  As has been predicted in MS Dhoni horoscope for 19 Feb 2011 – he was not only fortunate but successful too.


The innings played by Virender Sehwag and Virat Kohli did provided strong support in Indian Cricket Team total. However, the efforts put by Bangladesh Cricket Team were also to be admired.  Bangladesh Cricket Team managed to score 283 against one of the strongest Cricket Teams of the World. Read the rest of this entry »

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Yuvraj Singh against England in Cricket World Cup 2011-vedic astrology readings

Indian Cricket Team successfully registered a strong victory in the first cricket match played in Cricket World Cup 2011 against Bangladesh in Mirpur.  However, the Cricket fans of Yuvraj Singh were denied the pleasure of watching him bat as after dismissal of Virender Sehwag in 48 Over, it was Yusuf Pathan who came for batting.


And this is quite surprising because Yuvraj Singh, who is quite versatile and strong Cricket player, was very much supposed to come on his turn for batting for Indian Cricket Team.  May be Yuvraj Singh was not in good and energetic mood to contribute or may be the Captain did not find him suitable to bat at that time.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Sachin Tendulkar against England in Cricket World Cup 2011-vedic astrology readings

Indian Cricket Team won the first match played in Cricket World Cup 2011 against Bangladesh in Mirpur.  Virender Sehwag and the youngster Virat Kohli both played well and Indian Cricket Team scored 370 runs  against Bangladesh Cricket Team.


The expected performance of Sachin Tendulkar during Cricket World Cup 2011, on the basis his vedic astrology horoscope, were posted much in advance over here.  And, as predicted in vedic astrology readings of Sachin Tendulkar Horoscope, he did faced problems to remain on the batting crease. Read the rest of this entry »

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Will Sean Penn be dating again-Vedic Astrology Overview

Golden Globe Award winner Sean Penn is an American Actor born on 17 August 1960 when Scorpio zodiac sign was rising in vedic astrology horoscope.  The ladies man Sean Penn divorced from Robin Wright in July 2010 and now there are rumors about a romantic relationship being developed between Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson. Sean Penn and Robin Wright were together for almost twenty years.


Read the rest of this entry »

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When will Egypt crisis end? Vedic astrology overview

Even after stepping down of Egyptian Ruling party, the public outrage is continuing in Egypt.  The protestors are appearing adamant on their demand of sacking the president Mr. Hosni Mubarak in complete terms.

When will Egypt crisis end?  Vedic astrology overview.

The horoscope of modern Egypt is based upon 18 June 1953,  2330 hours at Cairo. Aquarius rising in the ascendant and the ascendant lord Saturn is placed in eighth house.  The ascendant is under aspect  of sixth lord Moon while the Jupiter is tenanting the fourth house.  In the light of vedic astrology predictions, this placement of Jupiter is not desirable for peaceful domestic environment inside the country.  The ill placed Saturn is also under aspect of malefic Jupiter from the fourth house. Read the rest of this entry »

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Will Chiranjeevi join Congress? – Vedic Astrology Overview

Will Chiranjeevi join Congress? – Vedic Astrology Overview


Chiranjeevi, the mega star of Telugu Cinema was born on 22 August 1955 when Libra zodiac was rising in the ascendant.  Vedic astrology synopsis of Chiranjeevi horoscope denotes that the Jupiter and Saturn are placed in their respective exaltation sign in horoscope of Chiranjeevi.  Yogakaraka Saturn is occupying the ascendant in exaltation and the Jupiter is placed in tenth house.  The ascendant lord Venus is combust and tenanted in eleventh house along with Mercury, Mars and the Sun.  The tenth lord Moon has gone to twelfth house while Rahu is occupying the third house. Read the rest of this entry »

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It is not only you who suffer

It is not only you who suffer, rather those, who are related and dependent upon you, are the real sufferer. Well, I am talking about the viciously spreading habit of drug abuse.

The person who is under drug addiction is left with no sense of responsibility. Once addicted, he continues to abuse drugs for gratification of distorted senses.  The family and relations not only remain worried about the welfare of the person but they too suffer emotionally, socially and financially.  Things can become more gross if the affected person is also having the financial responsibility of earning and feeding his family. Read the rest of this entry »

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Combination of planets in Vedic Astrology – Mercury

Astrology readings of Mercury conjunction with planets.

Mercury + Sun: This is the most common conjunction observed in many horoscopes.  The person may be polite, famous, intelligence, strong and beautiful.  He/she may have favors from the Government and Politics; and can be a good assistant.

Mercury + Moon: Mercury’s conjunction with Moon is very auspicious, required both are acting favorably in the horoscope.  It makes a person very smart, wealthy, jovial in nature and good looking.  He/she may be religious and virtuous. This combination makes one vulnerable to be enchanted easily; and if the conjunction is in malefic house/signs – the person can suffer from severe psychological and mental problems. Read the rest of this entry »

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Box Office Report – Advance astrology prediction for Dhobi Ghat – Aamir Khan

The Aamir Khan starrer and directed by Kiran Rao, “Dhobi Ghat” is scheduled to be released on 21st January 2011.  The story of the movie is about four people from different social background and their weird relationships.  Dhobi Ghat is social genre movie which is being released on the day when the Moon is in its own sign/rashi i.e. Cancer – which apparently appears favorable for financial success.  But, the placement of combust Mars and Sun in exact opposition to the Moon is highly undesirable for sophisticated social and emotional issues. The placement of Mercury in sixth house from Moon is additional negative factor showing that there can be strong and negative controversies after released of the movie. Read the rest of this entry »

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